Support your team with saned HR


All your data in one place with easy access for updating single or multiple records

HR Employee self-services

A full suite of tools to enable employees to raise requests, such as Leave, Expenses, and Ticketing.​ Managers immediately receive and can respond to requests for processing​

Built-in labour law compliant policies

Labor law compliant policies are set up by default.
These can be further configured for your organization​ ​

Smooth management of transactions

All attendance, overtime, benefits payments and deductions are posted and tracked smoothly in payroll​

keep your financial
records on track with saned Finance

The transaction flows and screens have been designed keeping in mind the function of each user of saned finance. This makes sure key tasks are completed on time and with greater accuracy​

Value Added Tax Reports

Do not miss or file incomplete VAT returns and face penalties! saned helps you automatically generate compliant VAT reports ready to submit to the authorities​

Reports Dashboard

Reports for management, staff, and the finance team have been simplified at the click of a button. Navigation is easy across all reports by business segment. Reports are available through the Mobile apps as well as desktop​

Ease of Use

saned enables your team to carry out finance functions easily and without the need for formal training. The layout of each function has been designed in the context of business activity, and yet it delivers automatic finance reports to the various decision-makers​


saned Pricing

For Enterprise above 500 Hundred Employees Get a Special Price Quote !

Our Clients

What people say about us

We make extensive use of the Reports feature for a variety of insights.
Our finance team makes great use of the compensation approval feature.

Abdulaziz Alrajhi

Project Management Director

We adopted saned for its ease of use and the benefits associated with a fruitful ecosystem. saned changed the way we worked and helped us handle our work more efficiently.

Omar Sibai

General Manager

saned system brought about a qualitative leap in the institute’s HR operations. It helped a lot in automating many of the daily HR tasks which saves a lot of time and effort and with outstanding accuracy .

Khalid Al Zahrani

HR Manager at Riyadh Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

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